Residuals for Breakfast

Granville Matheson: Data Person

Pharmacokinetic Modelling of PET Data in R using kinfitr. Part 4: Blood Processing

Storage and Modelling.

a.k.a. Model all the things

Using Readability Formulas to Assess Linguistic Complexity of TED Talks using koRpus

a.k.a. Readability is related to everything

An analysis of the readability of TED talk transcripts and their relation to viewership and reactions

My Physiological Response to my PhD Defence: Acute and Chronic

a.k.a. A dataviz self-portrait, and an introduction to rwithings

An analysis of my physiological reaction to my PhD thesis defence using data from my activity tracker

Making a Reminder Bot for Automating Meeting Organisation using R and Google Sheets

a.k.a. How to get your boss to buy you a Raspberry Pi to play with

Guide for how to create your own reminder bot to automate away all the boring parts of arranging (journal club) meetings

The Weather in Stockholm, Inside and Out, and the Curious Case of Summer 2018

alternatively, Why I am so caffeinated

My analysis of publicly available weather data for Stockholm, as well as from digital thermometers in our office for the last few years